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The Ruby Group Builds On

Posted on: April 1st, 2015

Even through the recent weather, including snowstorms and below-freezing temperatures, The Ruby Group diligently works to complete their winter building projects. In Sullivan County, this includes Iroquois Springs, where the development firm is constructing a 3,000-square-foot modern commercial kitchen in a brand new structure.

Iroquois Springs is an overnight Camp and Conference/Retreat Center that serves as a summer home to 400+ campers and staff members each year, located in Rock Hill. The property features 200 acres, including a natural spring fed lake, riding stables, two heated pools, fitness center, sporting fields, and soon, a state-of-the-art commercial kitchen.

“We are committed to providing the best camping experience in the region, which includes serving high quality, nutritious food,” says Mark Newfield, camp director and owner. “With our new, immaculate, state-of-the-art kitchen, we will be able to ensure our campers are getting the absolute best.”

As a business whose prime operating and profit-making season correlates with normal construction timetables, Newfield only had a short time period available to complete the complex building operations for the new commercial kitchen.

“All of our client interaction occurs in a burst during the summer months, so The Ruby Group has proven to be a valuable partner, as they are able to continue construction through even the harshest winter,” says Newfield.

The Ruby Group has had numerous development projects in Sullivan County in recent years, including Monticello Motor Club, SUNY Sullivan and Bethel Sunshine Camp, in addition to their current work at Iroquois Springs.

“Many may think that when the snow starts to fall, construction has to cease. This is not the case. We work tirelessly through the inclement weather and temperatures to help our clients complete their projects,” said Peter Berman, CEO of The Ruby Group. “Our company is proud to work on a project that will only help to further enhance the camp’s safe, healthy and positive environment for growing generations.”

Winter construction projects require several alternate strategies due to problematic elements, including temperature and snowstorms. These adjustments can range from minor, such as winter concrete mixes and budgeting for snow removal, to the more complex, including managing on site schedules for deliveries, and also supply chain seasonal dynamics. It takes a truly committed, professional construction management team to keep projects on track.

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