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President’s Message

Posted on: July 18th, 2015

Education, Training and Continued Advancement an

Economic Development Priority

To the People:

With summer finally deciding to show up to the party, I could not help but anecdotally notice the increased construction activity taking place, particularly in the Thompson area. It seems there are more excavators tearing down blighted buildings for future projects than we have seen in recent years. This is not a surprise, as inquiries at the Partnership office have gone up dramatically in the hospitality sector and related projects that began last year are moving along steadily (re: Veria’s Z-Living and Lost Lake Resort projects).

As we wait for the official licensing of the Montreign Casino project, construction activity is moving along on the remainder of the EPR Properties site with roads and infrastructure being built at this very moment. Meanwhile, economic development stakeholders have been busy putting together the framework for a Catskills Hospitality Workforce Alliance. The Alliance, consisting of The Partnership,

Workforce Development, SUNY Sullivan, BOCES, CCE, School District representatives, SCIDA, SCVA, and SC Chamber, is in the process of developing certifications, career pathways and specialty trainings delivered through a (soon to be created) Hospitality Institute, Hotel Tech and Management Degree

Courses at SCCC, OSHA Trainings at BOCES and other educational opportunities. All are geared to better prepare unemployed and underemployed applicants in our labor shed area for anticipated job opportunities. The Visitors Association, Chamber of Commerce and SCCC hosted representatives from the Disney Institute for a full day of hospitality training with plans for future training events as well. The Disney Institute is internationally renowned for its organizational trainings focused on leadership, culture, service, branding and innovation. These and future efforts are critical, as we once again grow our hospitality sector. Ultimately, the delivery of an exceptional customer experience is what will mark our future success in this most important sector. This is important to all businesses engaging with customers directly. Hence hotels, retail sites, healthcare facilities and virtually all private and public services professionals can benefit from these offerings and help put Sullivan County once again, top of mind for those seeking to get away in upstate New York.

On June 24 the Sullivan United Team will host Pattern for Progress at a breakfast seminar at Bernie’s Holiday Restaurant in Rock Hill. Pattern will address over 100 business and municipal officials as it reviews and educates attendees on the current and future trends that can prepare them for anticipated development issues in the years to come. Along with the SEQRA conference held this past January, this event and others forthcoming are dedicated to the advancement of Sullivan County businesses and municipal leaders in their specific areas. This will lead to better communication about the varying elements that affect our economic development stakeholders in Sullivan County.

Finally, the Sullivan United team will be hosting its second mid-summer informational mixer at the Adelaar site on July 15 at 5:30 pm. The event is geared to provide additional access to the Partnership, Visitors Association, Chamber and IDA to familiarize attendees with the agencies, their administrative representatives and the programmatic work each entity conducts. An update on the Adelaar/ Montreign

project progress will be made as well as access to our elected representatives that helped make the project possible. It will be an extraordinary opportunity to ask questions, network and be educated on the progress of the most impactful project in the region. Look to updates regarding all of our activities on our various media platforms… and enjoy the summer!


Marc Baez

President & CEO Sullivan County Partnership for Economic Development

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