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Local Projects Underscore Investor Confidence

Posted on: October 16th, 2016

Look throughout Sullivan County and you will see a movement taking place; A local investor movement. Reinvesting locally is helping fuel the Sullivan County economy. As spring came in this year with relatively mild weather, things had already begun to heat up in local investing. Corporations, small business and even properties that had had been left idle for decades had investors begin renovating throughout Sullivan County. Confidence in the local economy has fueled the engines of progress once again. Seeing opportunity for the most part driven by large projects and renewed interest in Sullivan County across all sectors, the evidence is clear; Sullivan County is well on its way back. Businesses located in our urban centers and hamlets east andwest are preparing for this in a significant way.

A new Dunkin Donuts, a renovated Village Gate Inn, The Village of Monticello installing new sidewalks all just within a city block along Jefferson Street are tangible signs of local investment positively changing the gateway into our county seat. Catskill Distilling, Fish & Bicycle, the Western Hotel, the newly renovated Jeff Bank in Thompson, the miraculous work The Center for Discovery is doing is doing in Hurleyville and this list goes on. Local investors have a key role to play in the economic resurgence of Sullivan County and they are quickly proving the old saying “money talks”. Business leaders and local officials have been focused on making sure that local investment takes advantage of how the larger projects like Montreign and Veria have opened the door to many opportunities for small businesses that can serve a variety of needs. And some have certainly taken a leap of faith toward that end. As we get closer to the opening of our signature projects more local investment is expected and it’s a welcome side effect of the larger projects as much more if this investment throughout the county will spur more investment and more economic growth.

New Jeff Bank on Anawana Lake Rd., Monticello

New Jeff Bank on Anawana Lake Rd., Monticello

Thompson Education Center
LeChase Construction Services
Delaware Engineering, D.P.C.
Granite Associates, L.P.
Veria Living
SUNY Sullivan
Schmidt\'s Wholesale Inc.
Monticello Casino Raceway
Jeff Bank
The Center For Discovery
Empire Resorts
Crystal Run Healthcare
China City of America
Catskill Mountain Sugar House
Catskill Hudson Bank
Advance Testing