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Jeff Bank unveils new Monticello branch using latest banking technology

Posted on: July 18th, 2016

Jeff Bank’s newest branch opened yesterday, on June 27, relocating from its Wal-Mart location to 18 Anawana Lake Road in Monticello.

Jeff Bank acquired the property in mid-2014 – reconstructing a building which was formally leased by Marshall and Sterling Insurance Agency – and began to collaborate on a new design that incorporates the latest technology for branch banking centers.

The new location will look and feel a lot different than the bank’s traditional set-up.

New features include two cash recyclers, which takes in money, and also counts and dispenses cash.

“It helps alleviate human error and allows us to have more time to focus on the needs of the customer,” Branch Manager Stephanie Hoefling said.

The new branch also features a tech center, which has a variety of handheld devices.

“We have the ability to show customers hands-on, our mobile app and online banking,” Hoefling said. “Instead of doing it for them, we can really interact with them throughout the process.”

Envelope-less depositing at the ATMs is another feature in the new branch.

Even the three drive-up lanes will showcase a change, as there is a drive-up room that will allow Jeff Bank employees to divert the tubes and help customers from inside the room as well as from inside the branch.

The new location utilizes a pod teller construction, which replaces the traditional teller line, allowing employees to move more freely around the branch when interacting with customers.

The new branch will be staffed by three “Universal Bankers.” This relatively new position in the banking industry utilizes skilled employees who are not only able to make a teller transaction, but are also able to accept a loan application and/or open a deposit

“This allows customers to get individual attention from one person from start to finish,” Hoefling said.

Jeff Bank Marketing Coordinator Jackie Austin believes the new branch will help appeal to a younger group.

“It is an opportunity to attract the millennial generation Z market,” Austin said. “It also brings a new spin to the customer service we have, because we are all about creating relationships and this will be a staple to have that one-on-one relationship when people come in.”

“The reason we acquired and built this branch is to accommodate what we anticipate and have experienced thus far, which is growing demand for consumer and commercial loans in the Monticello marketplace,” Jeff Bank President and CEO George Kinne said.

Kinne noted that the new features of the branch were made because customers are demanding it in the marketplace.

“We feel like it can be a differentiator and we really anticipated needing it here in the Monticello market,” Kinne said. “We expect to have an increase in the volume of traffic at this location. It is a superior location and a better customer experience than our customers would have experienced at the smaller branch inside Wal-Mart.”

“I think in any industry, change is inevitable,” Hoefling said. “To grow and continue to meet the demands of our customers, we have to change with the times. I think this is a big step for Jeff Bank.”

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