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Delaware Engineering helping to plan for Sullivan’s bright future

Posted on: January 12th, 2016

Story by Fred Stabbert lll

John K. Brust, Principal of Delaware Engineering, D.P.C., believes in building things. Although sometimes the process is complicated, Brust and the staff at Delaware Engineering are committed to supporting environmentally sound economic development.

“While every project begins with study and planning, our objective is to advance projects through to construction,” Brust said recently. “We are all about bringing projects to fruition.”

And to that end Delaware Engineering has a staff of 45 engineers, scientists, planners, designers and field technicians, with offices in Albany, Oneonta and Fishkill.

“The focus of our firm is municipal infrastructure and economic development,” Brust said. “About 80 percent of our clientele is municipal, including the Village of and Town of Liberty, Town of Delaware and the Village of Callicoon.”

Delaware’s commitment to economic development in Sullivan County extends to providing technical assistance to New York State’s largest construction project, the $1.4 billion Montreign Casino.

“The current economic investment in Sullivan County through the Casino and other related projects will result in additional investment in the future,” Brust predicted. “The casino is not the endgame,” he said. “Sullivan County will leverage that success to future successes.”

Delaware’s role in supporting economic development through the creation of market-ready development sites fits perfectly with the Sullivan County Partnership for Economic Development’s long-range goals.

“We have extensive experience with shovel ready projects,” he said. “Delaware Engineering’s role is to support local economic development interests with planning, environmental science and engineering services that results in market-ready and shovel ready sites.”

The process of planning and permitting an economic development project can be cumbersome and complicated, but the staff of Delaware Engineering includes seasoned professionals, some with backgrounds as state agency staff, all with proven skills in navigating the complex regulatory landscape.

“In addition to our exceptional staff, Delaware Engineering has a government relations group on retainer to the firm and we work extensively with experts in other fields as necessary to ensure a custom skill-set for each project,” he said.

Delaware Engineering’s success with shovel ready site development is a natural extension of the firm’s specialization in the permitting, design and construction of water and wastewater infrastructure.

“New York’s municipalities are plagued with aging infrastructure,” Brust said. “The task of updating extensive municipal infrastructure is daunting for most communities.” Delaware Engineering assists communities through identifying and prioritizing needs, understanding the value and benefit of investment in infrastructure, and creating a plan to move forward with predictability.

“Our staff works with local officials to craft projects that are affordable and sustainable while meeting community needs and regulatory requirements,” he said.

To that end, Delaware Engineering assists communities with project financing strategies, securing low cost funding and grants from a variety of Federal, State, Regional and local agencies. Each infrastructure upgrade project conducted by Delaware Engineering includes a longrange budget for the community so there are no surprises down the road.

Why did Delaware Engineering become a Partnership Landmark Sponsor?

“It’s all about activity,” Brust said. “The Sullivan County Partnership has a professional staff which is on the cusp of much greater things. Business development is all about momentum.”

“Under the leadership of Marc Baez, Delaware Engineering will commit our proven ability to act as an extension of staff to the Partnership in support of economic development in the County,” he said. Delaware Engineering’s years of experience in support of community-based economic development indicates that diversity in land uses in a region is critical. “There is an incredible amount of activity in the county at this time. From Bethel Woods, to Veria Healthy Lifestyles, Monticello Motor Club and the renaissance of Hurleyville, Sullivan is on the move,” Brust said.

“Sullivan is poised for great things,” he said. “We’re very excited about the future of Sullivan County. Just last month the Partnership hosted a standing-room-only event. That was impressive,” Brust said.

Sandy Mathes, Partnership CEO Marc Baez, center, and John Brust, right, look over a design of a new project. Mathes is with Mathes Public Affairs and Brust is the principal of Delaware Engineering.

Sandy Mathes, Partnership CEO Marc Baez, center, and John Brust, right, look over a design of a new project. Mathes is with Mathes Public Affairs and Brust is the principal of Delaware Engineering.

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