Last updated on December 20th, 2019


As land becomes increasingly more important, the ability to identify and prepare suitable sites for development is critical for the development of tax ratable and a spectrum of job opportunities.

Liberty Thompson Corridor/Glen Wild Industrial Park

An opportunity and constraints analyst has been completed at this time. The corridor will be the future of approximately 500-acres of shovel-ready sites upon completion. In addition, the Glen Wild Industrial Park is pre-approved for 270,000 sq/ft of spaces of which 70,000 sq/ft has been committed. There is a continued demand for shovel-ready sites the completion of this corridor will position the County to attract a diverse industry cluster base that will attract investment and jobs in the manufacturing sector.

Our shovel-ready task force has continued to work toward the creation of more pre-approved sites in Sullivan County; an effort which brought about our first Build Now-NY grant success in 2006. Combined, these shovel-ready commerce parks will help create hundreds of new jobs.

The Partnership is also working in tandem with Sullivan County Community College to develop an additional shovel-ready site that will take full advantage of the Start-Up NY incentive program recently enacted by Empire State Development Corporation, New York State’s lead economic development organization.

Shovel-Ready Sites Programs & Services Include:

  • Technical assistance with the development of pre-approved sites
  • Analysis of suitable shovel-ready sites
  • Funding procurement assistance
  • Coordination with local and county municipal agencies
  • Permitting assistance
  • General facilitation
  • Coordination with Industrial Development Agency
  • One-stop economic development services