Duties :

Oversee financial operations and works with staff to ensure financial reports and budget are accurate and timely. Engage auditor; monitor county and IDA funding; oversee Revolving Loan Committee; oversee adoption and compliance with conflict of interest and whistleblower policies. Report any financial irregularities or concerns to the board.


Duties :

Ensure compliance and address structural issues of the organization, including by-laws, nominations, and ethics.

Human Resources

Duties :

Oversee hiring, termination, performance evaluation, and compensation process. Establish salary structure and annually review staff salaries and benefits. Act as a grievance board for employee written complaints. Conduct annual evaluation of the CEO.


Duties :

Work with staff to develop ideas on attracting new and retaining existing members. Establish dues structure and define member-benefit packages. Engage other board members in member outreach and fundraising efforts. Develop fundraising plan and event calendar (annual meeting, mixers, seminars, etc).

Current Members :

  • Matt Dorcas
  • Nicole Tompkins
  • Kelsey Hornicek
  • Amanda Gesztesi


Duties :

Develop marketing plan and strategies to build awareness and promote the goals of the organization, its mission and events. Marketing includes advertising, public relations, promotions (utilizing social/ traditional media, website, etc.)

Revolving Loan

Duties :

Advise and decide on distribution of monies in Partnership’s revolving loan portfolio; and monitor loan performance.

Shovel-Ready Sites

Duties :

Develops policies and strategies that advance the development of new and existing shovel ready sites; facilitate communication with municipalities and developers related to zoning, planning, legislation, code enforcement, and infrastructure (e.g. water, sewer, gas, cell towers).

Strategic Planning

Duties :

Review the mission and vision of the organization and identify key strategic goals and actions that the organization should focus on over a three year period. Meets approximately several times in the months leading up to the expiration of the three year period or sooner if events warrant, to develop the proposed strategic plan.